Top 5 Office Cleaning Hacks

Top 5 Office Cleaning Hacks

Just as with a messy home, an untidy office can become a very unmotivating environment. Regardless of whether you have employed a commercial cleaning company like us or not, there’s some house keeping that you should do to keep your office absolutely spotless.

So, what exactly are we talking about? Commonly missed places such as lunch room microwaves, PC monitors, coffee mug stains on your workspace, plus more. Individually, these cleaning these items can lead to a huge waste of time if you need to do it consistently. Here are our tips on how to tackle your office quickly and easily.

Cleaning Hack #1: Dirty Office Microwave

The office microwaves is easily one of the dirtiest places in the office. Everyone uses it, but not everyone cleans up after themselves. To quickly and easily clean your office microwave, fill a microwave-safe bowl with water. Turn the microwave on for a couple of minutes. When the microwave finishes, take the bowl out and wipe the inside of the microwave down with a paper towel or cloth. It should be clean in no time.

Cleaning Hack #2: Dirty Keyboard

Though not visible to the eye at first glance, there’s a significant amount of dirt in your office keyboard – we guarantee it! Don’t be surprised if you find anything from dust to food crumbs to bugs. So, what’s the easiest way to clean your office keyboard quickly? Instead of pulling each key off individually, just get a few sticky notes and run each through the keys. It should be able to pick up most dust and food crumbs as the very least.

Cleaning Hack #3: Remove Permanent Marker from Whiteboard

Everybody has done this at some point and gone into panic mode quickly thereafter. Though there couldn’t be a simpler or easier hack for cleaning anything than permanent marker off a whiteboard. Just get a regular whiteboard marker and write over the top of the permanent marker. Then get a cloth and wipe off the writing. Both markers will completely disappear. Easy-done!

Cleaning Hack #4: Get Greasy Fingerprints and Hand Prints Off the Walls

This cleaning hack can extend beyond the office and can be applied to your home as well. If there are greasy finger or hand marks anywhere along your walls, simply get white chalk and rub it over the greasy spots on your wall. Then, get a damp cloth and wipe it all off. Voila! No more greasy marks.

Cleaning Hack #5: Clean Up Coffee Mug Stains

Though most of us are dependent on our coffee, every now-and-again it betrays us when it comes to keeping the office desk clean. Thankfully, there’s a really simple and easy hack that exists to getting coffee stains off. Mayonnaise! We don’t blame you if this never come to mind. Just grab some mayonnaise and rub it over the stain to get it off without damaging any furniture.

If your business needs help with much more than what our hacks can help you with then don’t hesitate to contact us! Tricity Cleaning has been providing all kinds of top-quality office and commercial cleaning services in Sydney for years.