Common areas that should be cleaned in your office

Common areas that should be cleaned in your office

An untidy and unhygienic office often results in less motivated and productive employees. To increase professionalism, present both your workers and clients with an immaculately clean workplace. Here are some essential areas you need to ensure remain clean in your office.

Employee workstations:

The employee workstation is one of the most unhygienic areas in the entire office. Employees often eat at their desks, don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom, and also rub dead skin and oils all over their work desk. Keywords in particular present a great environment for bacteria to grow. Increased bacteria results in increased chances of employees becoming unwell.

Ceiling Fans or Light Fittings

An easy spot to miss, your office ceiling often requires more effort to clean than most other areas. It therefore often gets neglected. Also, it’s difficult to see dust and bacteria accumulating on the ceiling. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there though.

Chairs or Bulky furniture

Even larger items that don’t necessarily look untidy require a good clean. Dirt, dust and oil commonly build up in furniture. This part of your office should be regularly maintained, particularly if clients often come for a visit.


The microwave is surely one of the most-used parts of the kitchen. Employees will use the microwave daily, making spills a frequent occurrence. Over the long term, this is will not only cause a nasty smell if not cleaned properly, but it can also become a health risk.

Handles and Stair Rails

This part of your office should be disinfected daily, as employees interact with hand rails more frequently than most other parts of your office. This means bacteria is spread at a quick rate and needs to be attended to before viruses are spread.

These are just some of the most common areas that should be cleaned in your office. Contact us for more information or to enquire about our commercial cleaning services.