How a clean office boosts workplace productivity

How a clean office boosts workplace productivity

Looking to maximise your employee’s performance? It’s time to declutter work desks and eliminate lingering viruses. Creating a cleaner office will improve productivity all round.

Causes of an unproductive office:


An unhygienic office is one of the key culprits behind an unproductive workplace. Viruses hang around on workplace items such as keyboards and telephones for 24 hours when work surfaces are left uncleaned.

Another key cause of an unproductive workplace is clutter. Harvard University backs with a study they conducted. They found that students remained concentrated for 7.5 minutes longer in a clutter-free work space.

Common sense tells us that a disorganised and messy work space leads to more distractions and more time spent looking for documents.

Similarly to a clean home, a clean office leads to a happier workplace with increased morale.

How a clean office increases productivity:


Increased focus:

A clean office environment leads to less distractions. With workers less likely to lose focus on cluttered objects, more work and better work will be done due to increased concentration.

Less time wasted:

Searching for documents on a messy desk is one of the ultimate time-wasters. A well-organised desk means paperwork is easy to find and workers can concentrate on the important things.

Less stress:

A cluttered workspace can lead to stress, as workers might feel like they’re concentrated on too many things at once.

Less absenteeism:

Unclean workplaces result in staff illness and higher amounts of sick leave being taken. A clean and hygienic workplace will lower the need for staff to take days off.

How you can create a cleaner office:


Clean equipment such as printers, monitors, photocopiers, telephones, keyboards and all other workplace equipment regularly.

Implement a clean desk policy where clutter is forbidden and you tidy your desk at the end of each day.

Finally, carry out a deep clean of your desk periodically. If you haven’t got time for this, then hire a professional office cleaning company.

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