What is Strata Cleaning & Why is it Important?

What is Strata Cleaning & Why is it Important?

What is strata cleaning?

If you own a apartment/unit or any other property that’s located in a subdivided building then strata laws apply to you. This includes commercial buildings as well. Strata laws are an Australian innovation that have been adopted around the world. Other countries that have adopted Strata, include Canada, India and New Zealand.

Strata title gives individual unit owners ownership over the space they occupy in a subdivide building. To control land and common areas i.e. elevators, hallways, gyms and swimming pools, an owner’s committee is formed. These committees often employ commercial cleaning businesses such as Tricity to perform strata cleaning services, which refers to the maintenance of these common areas.

Note: this is different to hiring a residential cleaner, which you would normally do to clean the inside of your home.

Tasks are involved in strata cleaning:

Strata cleaning costs differ depending on building size, unit quantity and facilities. The higher any of these numbers, the higher the costs. Buildings with pools will incur higher cleaning costs than those without. Similarly, a building with 36 units will incur higher costs than a building with 12.

Common services that commercial and strata cleaning businesses include:

  • Buffing, stripping and sealing of various floor surfaces
  • Carpet steam cleaning and vacuuming
  • Changing all light bulbs and fittings
  • Checking that emergency lights are clean and in working order
  • Cleaning and disinfecting staircases and walkways
  • Cleaning common area and external windows
  • Taking out and washing garbage bins
  • Gardening and pruning

Heritage buildings typically also incur higher costs due to the special care they require. Modern buildings, on the other hand, might have expensive finishes and typically have more facilities than older buildings, driving costs up.

Why is Strata Cleaning important?

There are a number of reasons strata cleaning is important. The first is health and safety – nobody wants to live in an unhygienic environment.

Secondly, organization. Which neighbor is going to perform all that cleaning throughout the building? This is why owner’s committees hire professional strata cleaning services.

Lastly, you need the right chemicals for the right surface. Professional strata cleaning companies have the knowledge and tools to ensure none of your surfaces get damaged.


Overall, strata cleaning services are a necessity. As a landlord, you and the rest of the owner’s committee are obligated to provide residence with a clean living environment. Tricity cleaning performs a range of commercial cleaning services, including strata cleaning. Call us for a free quote today.